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Words for Haiti is a concept organized by Jason Mars carried out by some of the most talented poets of this generation. As poets our words carry life, our words guide readers to truths hidden behind facades. This site features a POEM concocted by poets from many different backgrounds who recognize the effectiveness of their voices. Catastrophic events often remind us of the comfort which we take for granted or the lack of compassion for the rest of the world. Words for Haiti gives this poem to the world in an attempt to remind you that there is a world beyond our own. May our words linger on in the minds of the apathetic, causing a stench that demands the attention of those who choose to look away.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The earth shakes underneath my feet

I step right before left in search of something

Hope dangling nothing in front me

But I can't turn back because there is nothing in that direction save
for a black hole

I am starting to forget which way leads me forward....

This is simply a scene unseen by me

I have never been to Haiti

In fact I have never been a lot of places

But when God places words in your heart

You have to open your mouth like a book and allow the world to read
the lines

Then maybe we as humans will focus on a world outside of our everyday

America sits idle

Turning the channel from live coverage of destruction to American idol

Or the latest reality series

The truth of the matter is that reality stares us in the face

And we often look away

As we spend less time thinking of others and their pain

And more time spending for pleasure

What we discard others see as treasure

My wealth is in words and I give them freely to causes

That call out to me

Reminding me that less is more

I have found that the richest people are the most morally poor

The world is malnourished as far as compassion is concerned

Apathy keeps pulling at my coat tail but I am held up by concern

Starving children make me sick to my stomach

Some things are just to difficult to digest

You should have thought of misfortune before the tip of my pencil
introduced you to it

But I digress:

I found something amidst the rubble of ruin

Bodies broken in the blackness of night

Laying motionless forgotten in a corner of this forgotten world

Media makes its way to capture catastrophe

So that people can tune into a world that they would normally tune out

Zoom out:

This is my life

Days of night

Until something happens

And it becomes lights camera action

A show to skip over

For something less intense

Something more entertaining

To take your mind off of the mess that you can't bear to watch.

Jason Mars

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  1. In light of what has transpired concerning the people and land of Haiti, I don't belive that anyone wants to face the harsh reality of the suffrage of our sisters and brothers. It is indeed heart wrenching. I appreciate your brutal honesty of the depiction of this horrible tragedy. You are very talented Mr. Mars and your work deserves to be highly praised.